The Bassarids
Salzburg Festival
Opening August 16, 2018



About me

For those who want to know more about me come and visit my timeline. It is a personal retrospection of my life as a singer. If you want to read a professional vita please visit my agent’s website (link).

Beyond stage

I am a man of many interests who is traveling a lot. Here I want to share some of my tips, tricks and recommendations. Come and visit Nikolai’s Corner



Salzburg Festival ORF B. Rett. Watch


"Handsome, young, agile, he sings and acts like a god. He, who has been an unforgettable Lohengrin and Parsifal could become the Tristan of tomorrow." classiquenew.com


"Nikolai Schukoff with his steely tenor and wiry physique was ideal as the sword-wielding Siegmund". A. Opus